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Wave ClientManager for Lotus Notes

The Wave ClientManager for Lotus Notes allows administrators to manage Notes clients from a central point and decrease the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Notes user support by up to 80%.

ClientManager for Lotus Notes setting changes of Notes clients required through server migrations, consolidations, deployments or updates.

How does it work?

1. Lotus Notes users will receive an email generated by ClientManager.
2. Once the email is opened, the user workstation is updated automatically.
3. Client Manager for Lotus Notes launches the actions without interfering with the system.
4. After the process is completed, ClientManager returns a report to central repository where all actions are logged.

The Wave Software can also be of help for simple day-to-day remote assistance. ClientManager can be a support tool to manage mail rules centrally, complete rebuild of Lotus Notes client features, feature upgrades and much more.

Why ClientManager for Lotus Notes?

Remote administration tool to enforce corporate wide configuration
Settings can be changed for thousands of users within seconds
Lotus Notes can be deployed, reconfigured or rebuilt remotely
Assists in daily helpdesk and support tasks
Decreases Notes Client Management costs
Easy to use interface
Pre-built profiles and templates
Audit features

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