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Dubai July 8th, 2016: Wave to release MyLoonaar
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Wave on a roll, new products to be release soon... MyLoonaar, MyFE, MyRC, MyBridge, MySync... come back soon.

Wave Professional Services

Services are an integrated part of the Wave Concept to deliver customer focused results. Therefore, Wave offers qualified services for each project.

The Wave Concept identifies certain forces that need to collaborate in order to successfully deliver a project. These forces interact like cogwheels in a gear and depend on each other.

By bundling software and expertise with high quality service, Wave ensures that pre-defined goals can be achieved and the project can be delivered to requirements.

Wave’s migration expertise helps ensure a smooth and speedy process for clients and users.

The software that is utilised by Wave is 100% in-house produced and adjusted to the client’s individual requirements. The compounds that are combined and used to create a successful software package depend on the project.

With Wave Professional Services, a project’s crucial points can be identified and early measures can be taken during the planning and development phase. This means that the project seamlessly integrates into the corporate infrastructure and can be deployed without wasting precious time or resources.

Further details can be acquired at sales@waveglobal.net.

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